“ The scenes in my paintings and drawings are concocted by my 12 year old alter ego who believes in magic and animal gods, who is invincible, brutal yet kind; she likes to venture into the dark in order to make light of the one she lives in.”
Hazel Ang is a Munich based aritst from Canada with Filipino-Chinese heritage. She has an undergraduate degree in Music from McMaster University. After injuring her left wrist and arm from a fall, she turned to drawing and completed her studies in graphic design. In 2006 she moved to Munich and trained under the infographics department of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. After a year full of crazy deadlines, she moved on and made technical illustrations for well known german industrial products for another 10 years. 2012 was a tumultuous year for her and it took its toll emotionally and physically. Turning to art saved her life. She has since exhibited at art fairs, group exhibitions and has had a few solo shows. Her art has been presented in a few publications. She also curates and organises Arcana, a tarot themed show in Munich where she lives today with her other half and their feline child, momo. She is inspired by folklore, flora & fauna, and the human condition. Painting mostly with oils directly on panel or canvas, her current body of works are an internal journey into dark spaces to reflect her own narrative. The works chronicle surreal reflections rooted in a natural world which conveys the essence of our very existence.  

Upcoming 2020
Group Shows in                                                                                               
ArtWhirl Gallery, New York                                                                    
Farbenladen, Munich                                                                                             
Dog & Pony, Munich                                                                                     
Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg                                            

Walpurgis Online, Dog & Pony, Munich
Covid Creative Convention, Online Show
Pandemania: Online Art Show, Munich 
Walpurgis Online, Dog & Pony, Munich

Arcana 1 (curator), Orangerie, Munich
Walpurgis (group), Dog & Pony, Munich
Stroke Art Fair, Munich

Don‘t Wake Daddy XIII (group), Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg
Stroke Art Fair, Munich
Kanikuly (group), Farbenladen, Munich

Stroke Art Fair, Munich
Night Garden (solo), UnchArted Gallery, Lowell MA USA
Para//els (group), Davis Gallery, Worcester MA USA

Numbers, Letters & Symbols (group), ALL Gallery, Lowell MA USA
Form to Figure (group) ALL Gallery, Lowell MA USA 
500 Artists Say Hello! (group), Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum, Munich

Small Works Show (group), Porter Mills Gallery, Beverly, MA USA
applaudissement! (group), Galerie Arthaus-Neuhausen, Munich 
Members’ Show (group), Arts League Lowell Gallery, Lowell, MA USA
Set off the Summer (group), HarborArts Center, Boston, MA USA
Four by Four (group), The Brush Gallery, Lowell, MA USA
The Big Draw (group), Catalyst Gallery, Beacon, NY. USA

Eden (solo), The Friday Gallery, Munich
The Sketchbook Project and Alma Ad, Art Basel, Miami

Artmuc Contemporary Art, Munich
Obacht! Kunstmesse, Munich

Young Munich Creatives! (group show), Projektraum Baldestrasse, Munich

»Kunst der Geheimnisse«, Sueddeutsche Zeitung - München 5. 10.  
»Intuitive Paradox aber auch Absurd«, inMünchen, Nr. 19 Do 26.09 - Mi 9. 10.

»Kunst bei 30 Grad im Schatten«, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 08.08
»Artist Spotlight : Hazel Ang«, Circle Arts Magazine Winter Edition

»Munich Stories«, Kyfio UG, Munich 
»Inspired By«, Kyfio UG, Munich
»500 Hundred Artists Say Hello«, Kyfio UG, Munich

Applaudissement Kunst –Literatur, issue 19, Bernhard Rusch, Munich

Artist Feature:Hazel Ang, interviewed by William Arfayaddan,
Antechamber to Dawn, 20 September
Artists in Munich: Featured Artist, Munich Now, 17 April
A View from the Easel. Philip Hartigan, Hyperallergic Media Inc., 12 April


Circle Foundation Artist of the Year Award 2018, Honorable Mention          
People's Choice Award, 2017 Arts League Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
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